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General Description

Being a part of the project development service team, you will be extended a general offer for the program which allows you to assess the feasibility of an investment for the client. You will also be assisting the Project Manager throughout the contract negotiation process for selecting a potential operator for the client. Successful candidate will have the opportunity to work with world leading industry players, including owners/developers, hotel operators, architects and designers, consultancies, etc.


The Analyst Program begins with a six-weeks training and development curriculum to equip you with the fundamental skills and professional awareness you will need to succeed at this job. The curriculum includes subjects in hotel operations, investment analysis, micro and macro data researching, financial statement analysis, corporate finance and financial modeling in Excel, and a customized series of seminars presented by senior members of the department. The senior member of the team will guide you through the process, and he/she will be evaluating you after the training program. Successful candidate will be able to start with assignments and continue to perform as an essential member of the team.



The successful candidate will be trained and responsible for the preparation of feasibility studies, business plans and market research for hospitality and commercial properties. The preparation of reports includes:

  • Collection and analysis of relevant data relating to a hospitality/commercial real estate market in areas of property conditions, market dynamics, management, and tourism and consumer trends.

  • Fieldwork for each engagement, followed by an in-depth analysis of market trends, occupancy and average rates, and the hotel’s comparison to the particular market.

  • Analysis of the hotel’s financial statement to determine current and future potential trends of profitability.

  • Research and analysis of comparable sales and cost factors in order to develop the appraisal or consulting assignment.

  • Finalization and completion of the written documents and their presentation to the clients.


  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in both Chinese (for Asian market position, not applicable to African market position) and English (mandatory).

  • Comfortable dealing with clients and work well in a team.

  • Natural intellectual curiosity, focus and creativity.

  • Keen research instinct and creative problem-solving abilities.

  • Strong interest in the hotel and real estate market.

Interested applicants are invited to send their updated CV and cover letter to:

Project Development Analyst



The successful MarComm Associate candidate will be responsible for the following:

  • Assistance in development and execution of marketing content and activities, reporting directly to a senior marketing associate.

  • Management of corporate and project-specific online media platforms.

  • Media contacts development, planning of press conferences and other press activities: the successful candidate will be the primary point of contact for media and will be responsible for good publicity promotion and counteracting bad publicity.

  • Development and organization of promotional activities, coordination with departments concerned.

  • Invitations for VIPs and media as a means of promotional activity; preparation and issuance of press releases.

  • Establishment of sales leads from the study of magazines, newspapers and from personal contacts; coordination of sales leads within the team.

  • Dissemination of corporate press releases to appropriate local trade and consumer media.

  • Competitor activities monitoring and relevant benchmarking when developing marketing strategies.

  • Ensuring that all marcom-related administrative records are kept up to date.

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  • Education: Bachelor's Degree or above.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

  • Proficiency in Adobe software packages: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign.

  • Proficiency in Mandarin and English - spoken and written.

  • Demonstrated ability to interact with clients, team members and third parties that reflects highly on the brand and the company.

  • Problem solving, analytical reasoning, motivation and organizational abilities.

  • Comfortable with new relationship development.

  • Excellent written skills.

  • Natural intellectual curiosity, focus and creativity.

Interested applicants are invited to send their updated CV and cover letter to:

Marcom Associate
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