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Cute is an Understatement: China Welcomes Its First Hello Kitty Hotel

Theme parks have long made their way from the category of niche entertainment to the mass market. While some 50 years ago, Disney could majorly be considered every child’s dream with parents just tagging along, the situation has changed greatly, and the theme park industry is now booming with adult audiences. In such circumstances, it is only natural that hospitality plays would want to get a piece of that pie and where better to do it than in China?

Staying on top of the trend, Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Hong Kong-based Keyestone Group have announced plans for China’s first Hello Kitty Hotel in Sanya, Hainan. Developed by Keyestone Group, the property is to be added to the JdV by the Hyatt brand and is scheduled to open its doors by 2025. The hotel will become a part of a multipurpose project - Sanya Hello Kitty Resort, the first Hello Kitty theme park in Hainan Province.

All the 221 rooms and villas will offer guests an immersive journey into the Hello Kitty world, also featuring other well-known Sanrio characters. Holidaymakers will have an opportunity to dine in three signature restaurants and bars, visit a themed ballroom, a swimming pool, and a spa and fitness center. To be built within the 52-acre Sanya Hello Kitty Resort, the property will have an extensive event program offering seasonal activities and menus to celebrate key holidays and festivals throughout the year.

“As Keyestone Group continues to grow our hospitality portfolio across Greater China, we are excited to extend our collaboration with Hyatt,” said Jeffery Pun, chief executive officer of Keyestone Group. “Sanya Hello Kitty Hotel will leverage our respective strengths in developing and managing world-class hospitality projects to offer guests a truly unique experience as they unwind and rejuvenate with their favorite Sanrio characters.”

Stephen Ho, president of growth and operations, Asia Pacific of Hyatt, also commented, “We look forward to bringing to life well-loved Sanrio characters in this exciting new project, which will retain a unique identity while providing the JdV by the Hyatt brand’s signature guest experience that is inclusive, free-spirited, and distinguished by heartfelt and joy-driven service.”

Back in July 2019 Sanrio (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. has granted Keyestone Group access to more than 400 trademark Sanrio characters, many of whom will be featured in the Sanya Hello Kitty Resort and Hotel.

The property will become the second Hyatt-branded hotel located in Hainan that Keyestone Group has been involved in developing, together with the Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort & Spa, which opened in 2016. This is in addition to several milestone projects by Keyestone Group that are contributing to Hainan’s booming tourism scene and establishing its profile as a travel destination of choice for many domestic and international visitors.

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