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The Eye Candy: Africa with Luxe at Zannier Hotels Sonop, Namibia

At times when most of us are left to desperately yearn for vacation trips and traveling of all sorts, people can generally be split into two distinct categories: those striving to block all possible types of holiday-related information in order not to torture themselves, and those giving in to their wanderlust and browsing through future bucket list destinations. Today’s story is definitely targeted at the latter group, specifically those wanting to feel like early 20th century British explorers setting foot on the yet-to-be-discovered mysterious continent of Africa.

Zannier Hotels Sonop, located in the midst of the breathtaking Namibian desert, offers exactly such an adventure. The luxury tented camp, completely isolated from the outer world and in two hours’ drive from the famous red dunes, seems like a perfect escape from everything known. The camp consists of a total of ten exquisite tents, eight of which offer guests a one-bedroom accommodation option spanning 42 sq m, while the other two tents include two bedrooms covering an area of 75 sq m. Each unit provides all the necessary modern comforts such as air conditioning and wifi while staying eco-friendly with the help of solar batteries.

However, all the interesting details are to be found inside the tents themselves. Geraldine Dohogne – Beyond Design, the design firm responsible for the project, wanted to create a stark difference between the mindful opulence of the hotel itself and the somewhat rugged environment it is being a part of, highlighting the sense of adventure despite the conditions and circumstances. For this purpose, each suite features such objets d’art as magnifying glasses, binoculars, and maps, letting every guest bring out the true explorer inside themselves. Other things your adventurous self would appreciate greatly are horseback riding, electric mountain bike trips, and even hot-air balloon explorations over the otherworldly Namibian landscapes. Shared facilities within the hotel include a gastronomic restaurant, a cocktail bar styled like a gentlemen’s club, a heated outdoor infinity pool, and a gym and spa with two double treatment rooms.

In conclusion, we think this property rightfully deserves its spot on pretty much any travel bucket list and is awaiting its peak of fame in the post-pandemic world. Hopefully, this era is just around the corner with the vaccines being spread out efficiently and on unprecedented scales, which would allow us all to pick up our dusted Indiana Jones-style hats and finally set out on an adventure we all deserve.

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