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The More-Than-Bearable Lightness of Being: The Summer House Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka

When it comes to Sri Lanka, the first thing that most people would think of is the blue sky, sea, tea trees, and the train “on the sea”. Ambalangoda, the town between the capital Colombo and Galle, famous for an ample choice of sights to see, is a great place to slow down your pace and relax. Here you would not come by either the over-exploitation of tourism resources or over-commercialization of local culture. Having a villa to share with your friends and family seems like a great option to spend quality time together, in which case The Summer House Ambalangoda could be your go-to place.

The Summer House Ambalangoda is a newly built villa, which features design furniture and contemporary art in a minimal setting. There are four rooms in the villa accommodating a maximum of eight guests. The outdoor pool is perfect for sunbathing and is literally just steps away from the beach. Each bedroom has a sea view and a private balcony. The rooftop lounge area is set up for guests day and night and is ideal for enjoying a beautiful sunset.

The entire villa is reserved exclusively for one guest and their friends/family only. It is located on a stretch of beach that has just a few small villas on it. The beach is accessible through the gate that separates the property from the public area. In keeping with the ideas of privacy and personalization, the hotel provides their guests with a professional English-speaking butler that is ready to resolve any possible issues they might have during the stay.

The Summer House is designed to transmit the ideas of weightlessness and complete unification with nature, which is abundantly splendid all around the location. Built as a private residence, the hotel sits amongst the mangroves, offering guests the ultimate villa experience on a beach that is occupied by very few visitors and locals. The local fisherfolk visits the beach every morning to take their catamarans out to sea, which has long become one of the tourists' favorite attractions. It is fairly safe to say that those who look for tranquility and peace of mind will not leave this piece of paradise disappointed.

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