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The Bookworm's Paradise: Key Destinations for Book Loving Travelers

Have you always wondered whether you are the only geek out there wanting to spend their whole vacation with their nose deep inside a book? Fear not – you are surely not alone! In fact, a whole branch of tourism has evolved around the love of reading. While literary tourism - a type of cultural tourism that deals with locations and events from literary texts as well as the lives of their authors – comes in many flavors, today, we discuss some of the most inspiring places for those thinking that the time spent together with a good book is a worthwhile investment.

The Fable Bar, UK

Located in London, The Fable bar was brought to life thanks to fairytales and the fables of Aesop. The fantasy-themed bar and restaurant will not leave anyone indifferent. The concept is spread over three levels and offers a stunning otherworldly escape from London's noisy streets. It's the perfect place to treat yourself to brunch, have some tea, and geek out with your fellow booklovers over your latest literary pick.

Trinity College, Ireland

This college in Dublin, Ireland is a novel enthusiasts’ dream. Being one of the most exquisite and breathtaking libraries in all of Europe, the bookshelves, both new and old, seem endless. The Library of Trinity College is the largest library in Ireland, with over five million books available to the public. It gets around 10,000 new items per year, and, considering the library has been around since the 1500s, it might be time to get a sister campus.

Zhongshuge, China

Zhongshuge looks like an eternal tunnel of books. This gorgeous architectural solution is sure to make any book-lover swoon. The reality is not all that magical though, as black mirrors on the ground floor and the arc-composed bookshelves are responsible for this powerful illusion. The idea of making this room look like a flowing river of books comes from the city of Yangzhou itself. Some of China's most influential writers drew inspiration from the town's boundless rivers and canals.

Library Hotel, USA

If you can't dedicate an entire journey to literary tourism, there is still a solution. Treating yourself to a unique stay in New York’s Library Hotel might be exactly what you need. If you are one of the lucky 60 occupants, you are entitled to your own in-room library. Each floor is labeled according to the genre—for example, the fifth floor is the Science floor. Every room is also decorated to fit various subcategories such as Poetry, Botany, Music, and even Erotic Literature.

Hotel Monteleone, USA

This luxury New Orleans hotel is perhaps as pretty of a property as it gets. Nevertheless, this family-owned and operated unit earned its fame not thanks to its gorgeous looks, but rather for its esteemed literary guests. Tennesse Williams, William Faulkner, and Ernest Hemingway all reference this magnificent hotel in their works. Its popularity among the novelists has rightfully earned it a name of an official literary landmark.

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