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The Pipeline Matters: Hotel Rooms to Open Internationally in March 2022

Keeping track of the progress is important, especially on gloomy days. That is one of the reasons we try to keep an eye on the global room additions with enviable consistency. By the end of the current month, over 240 hotel projects are scheduled to open their doors to guests, adding almost 52,250 rooms to the global supply. Let’s dive a bit deeper and discover the major industry players.

From the geographical standpoint, the US is scoring the lead with an impressive 54 properties and 11,321 keys expected to start operations by the end of March 2022. The runner-up China is quite well behind (34 hotels, 8,354 rooms), and third-placed India (16 schemes, 2,645 keys), however ambitious, is nowhere near the American scale.

Nevertheless, regionally the cards were played differently. North America (67 openings, 14,840 rooms) narrowly loses out to APAC (74 projects, 17,724 keys) in the race for the top spot. Europe (60 schemes, 10,011 rooms) seems to be catching up to the leaders, while the Middle East (20 properties, 5,492 keys), Africa (12 projects, 2,370 rooms), and Latin America (ten openings, 1,808 keys) conclude the regional rankings, perhaps, according to the expectations, given the local economic and socio-political environments.

In terms of the service level analysis, luxury hotels are yet again entering their prime with 93 projects and 24,403 rooms set to open in the most prestigious five-star market, leaving 150 schemes and 27,842 keys focusing on the four-star sector.

Speaking of brands, Marriott International enjoys quite a bit of buzz. The company’s ambition stretches over no fewer than seven openings and 2,076 keys earmarked for launch in March 2022, just pipping stablemate Aloft Hotels, which is eagerly awaiting the arrival of six projects with 802 rooms. DoubleTree by Hilton, part of Hilton Worldwide’s extensive portfolio, comes in third with five schemes and 815 keys.

Apart from general statistics, it is always fun to look at specific properties all the eyes are drawn to. One of them is Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Fort Lauderdale in Florida, featuring 189 hotel rooms and suites plus 42 ultra-luxury Private Residences. Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design is responsible for the building’s otherworldly yacht-like architecture, while Tara Bernerd & Partners is working on the interiors, and the property’s expansive Ocean Terrace with pool experience and oceanfront restaurant Evelyn’s Table is being taken care of by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. In the works are also an all-day lobby lounge, spa, dedicated level of event spaces, and restaurant overlooking Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard debuting later in the year.

Overall, March is rich with new openings and exciting opportunities for the hospitality industry players – everyone from operators to developers and owners could benefit from the increased supply. As the pandemic seems to loosen its grip, more projects are expected to pop up in the nearest future.

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